SNSA Season 20-21

Category Art & Culture
Year 2020

What if thinking of the worse to come would lead us on the path of a better world? Isn’t it time to imagine a future, where having been through destruction, climate change, illnesses and confinement, humanity would reach a time and space where a new start would be possible?
Utopia, dystopia, science-fiction… all these themes are central to the 20-21 season at the Scène Nationale du Sud-Aquitain.
Within the identity systems designed and implemented last season, we created a series of visuals playing with reflection, distortion, repetition and kinetic motion effects.
This season was also an opportunity to change the programme layout, moving towards a magazine format and periodicity. Three editions, each with its own theme, allowing for the content to be up-to-date and flexible, according to actual events and (unfortunately) sanitary conditions.